Due to COVID-19 situation I have temporarily ceased all trainings (classes as well as private lessons) as of October 11th, 2020. Once the situation resolves, I will re-commence with regular trainings. - In the meantime, please stay safe & healthy.

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"I have never encountered such a devotion in a person as Frank has towards what he teaches...and he expects and deserves the same devotion in his classes."

Jaka Vidrih (Slovenia), BEc, chartered financial analyst

"Frank's method of teaching is that he trains with us, whereas the other masters (SiFu) would just give instructions, while standing beside us."

Xian Jianhong (China), entrepreneur

"Frank really wants you to genuinely understand - as much as you can - how and why the application works in real life. - I could not recommend anybody more wholeheartedly than Frank."

Colin Brookes (Singapore), MBA, Senior Vice-President Sales & Services